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Canadian Bombardier No Longer In The Running For A $3.2B NY Transit Contract

Canadian Bombardier No Longer In The Running For A $3.2B NY Transit Contract

Canadian plane and train giant, Bombardier Inc., has unfortunately been pushed out of the running for a massive $3.2 billion NY Transit contract.

Calling the news a disappointment, Bombardier spokesman Erid Prud’Homme while declining to provide specific information as to why the contract was declined, stated that their proposal for over 1,000 trains to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) was “no longer under consideration.

Furthermore, he added, “We are extremely disappointed as we spent considerable time developing an innovative solution that included world-class subway cars, an attractive delivery schedule, a competitive price, and the creation of US jobs, many in New York State.

Facing operational issues, Bombardier is currently in the middle of improving its performance and profitability, including its German rail division, which last month reported better margins and sales numbers for its second quarter.

The Montreal based company has already been at the receiving end of losing a billion dollar plus contract from Chicago Transit Authority, a longstanding client, to CRRC Corp Ltd., a Chinese competitor.

Word on the street also suggests that Bombardier is looking to enter into a JV with Siemens, their rival in German.




Content Source: Reuters

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