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Britney Biopic “Britney Ever After” Ripped Apart By James Corden

Britney Biopic “Britney Ever After” Ripped Apart By James Corden

Once in a while, the internet wins so hard, it just makes you happy you’re living in 2017 and not in the early 20th century!

Britney Spears’ biopic, Britney Ever After, with Natasha Basset playing the role of Britney Spears, was torn apart by James Corden so hard, so very harshly, as he made fun of the acting, the storyline and the basic fact that someone decided to make a biopic on Britney Spears!

James rightly pointed out the ‘enormous’ budget the creators clearly have put behind this epic masterpiece!

From NSYNC singing happy birthday to Britney, Britney’s clear love for cheese puff’s and the oh so very talented dance-off between JT and BS (Britney Spears here, not Bullshit…although…), this movie has it all.

Catch James’ take on the movie below –







Content Source: The Late Late Late Show with James Corden

Image Source: US Weekly

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