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Bill O’Reilly’s Show Isn’t Hurting In The Least

Bill O’Reilly’s Show Isn’t Hurting In The Least

While the O’Reilly Factor continues to lose advertisers in droves, the show seems to be moving in the absolute opposite direction when it comes to its viewership.

New York Times shocking report on the list of sexual-harassment allegations against O’Reilly and the subsequent payouts has resulted in up to 24 advertisers to stop airing their commercials with the show. Meanwhile, in what is equally shocking, viewership for the show is up by 14% as compared to the same two nights from last week. As per a report by USA Today, “On Monday and Tuesday it had 3.7 million and 3.8 million viewers, respectively, up 14% from the same two nights last week.”

In light of these issues, Fox seems to have ignored the growing clamoring against O’Reilly as they have renewed the host’s contract. What’s more, O’Reilly, who was recently also in the news for making fun of congresswoman Maxine Waters’s hair, comparing it to a James Brown Wig, received what shouldn’t be considered a surprising vote of support and confidence from the POTUS himself.

Trump came out in support of O’Reilly, saying last week, “I don’t think Bill did anything wrong.” While SNL was quick to jump on the issue, with Alec Baldwin playing the role and making fun of both Trump & O’Reilly, it seems his viewers can’t be bothered by much, as his ratings continue to soar.

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