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Barcelona Train Crash, 50+ Injured

Barcelona Train Crash, 50+ Injured

A train crash in Barcelona last Friday resulted in 50+ injuries, with the train driver being one of the ones most seriously injured.

The train accident led to numerous individuals getting injured as they found themselves falling out of the train. Post the accident, close to 56 people were immediately taken to the local hospital.

Inigo de la Serna, Public Works Minister reached made his way to the hospital to meet with and give his condolences to families who had lost their near and dear ones to the grave accident. He also issued a statement that the government would be assisting in whatever possible to take care of injured people, ensuring that they be given utmost care.

Said Saharui, a passenger on the train, had this to say about the incident – “When the train arrived at Francia station, it applied the brakes but at the same time it made a noisy crash. The passengers were thrown to the floor.”




Image Source: Metro News

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