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Shaking Up Miami – One Acai Berry At A Time

Nov 10, 2017

Just as Pinkberry revolutionized the yogurt retail market, Miami Beach’s Berri Bar is setting out to shake up the […]

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Trump Disbands Business Councils Post Multiple CEO Resignations

Aug 17, 2017

Donald Trump, yesterday disbanded two economic advisory panels after a string of resignations from CEO’s […]

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Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Minakshi Mahta

Aug 9, 2017

Napoleon, Statue of Liberty, Quiche, Blue Cheese, The Metric System and  Champagne. What do they […]

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Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Kelly Russo

Aug 8, 2017

Social media’s role in our life is extremely important. From getting the latest and trendiest […]

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Jared Kushner May Be The Real “Most Powerful Man In The World”

Apr 13, 2017

There may be no better testament to the insanity of our epoch than this: Last […]

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Trump Aides Conflict: Trump Demands They ‘Work This Out’

Apr 10, 2017

Just as President Trump was convening a consequential summit with China and deliberating on U.S. […]

Trump Putin

US Air Strikes To Hurt Trump-Russia Relations

Apr 7, 2017

President Trump’s Tomahawk strikes on a Syrian airbase Thursday evening has — predictably — incensed […]

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With Trump Around, The Republicans Are Going End Up Regretting Clinton Lost

Apr 7, 2017

Imagine what the political world would look like for Republicans had Hillary Clinton won the […]

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Republicans Trigger ‘Nuclear Option’ In Senate To Appoint Gorsuch

Apr 6, 2017

Republicans have triggered the “nuclear option” in the Senate — ramming through an effective rules […]

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Bannon’s Threat To Quit If Removed From The National Security Council

Apr 6, 2017

Last month the Huffington Post reported that White House strategist Steve Bannon has been working […]

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Kushner’s Iraq Trip A Clear Show Of Where The ‘Power’ Lies In The White House

Apr 4, 2017

Reports on Sunday that Jared Kushner was headed to Iraq (which were the result of […]

Trump White House Correspondents Dinner

Trump’s Not Even Attempting To Present The Image Of Separation From His Businesses

Apr 4, 2017

After winning the presidential election, Donald Trump faced enough pressure and media scrutiny over the […]

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Rowlings Words Of Advice To Aspiring Writers

Apr 3, 2017

J.K. Rowling knows what it’s like to be a struggling writer. Before “Harry Potter” became […]

Uber Taxi

Uber’s Creepy Method Of Keeping Their Drivers On The Road

Apr 3, 2017

Yesterday, the New York Times ran a really fascinating article by Noam Scheiber about the […]

Kim Jong Un

Trump: America Ready To Take On Threat Of N. Korea By Itself

Apr 3, 2017

President Donald Trump says that the United States is prepared to act alone if China […]

Fox News Trump

Trump Praises Fox News On It’s ‘Amazing Reporting’

Apr 3, 2017

President Trump has access to the classified findings of the most powerful spying apparatus on […]

Kuwaiti Domestic Violence

Kuwaiti Woman Charged On Two Counts For Filming Domestic Help’s Fall

Apr 3, 2017

Kuwaiti authorities have filed charges against a woman who filmed a video in which she […]

Adam Schiff

Schiff: Trump Calling News Fake Should Set Alarm Bells Off For Everyone

Apr 3, 2017

The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said he disagrees with panel chairman Devin […]

Colombia Disaster Crisis

Colombia Landslide Disaster: Death Toll Rises To 254

Apr 3, 2017

Colombian authorities scrambled to deliver aid and return basic services like electricity and water to […]

Amazon High Quality

Amazon Launches It’s Influencer Network Program

Mar 31, 2017

Social media influencers – like Instagram stars or YouTube celebs – often promote products they […]

Angela Rye Blasts Bigot Joe Walsh

Angela Rye Calls Out Joe Walsh For His Bigot Comments

Mar 31, 2017

Angela Rye — the political commentator who famously rolled her eyes into the back of […]

Fox News

Fox Just Can’t Seem To Stem The Flow Of Problems Coming Their Way

Mar 31, 2017

In the months after former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes resigned last summer, it appeared […]

Jason Chaffetz House Intelligence Committee

Trump Has A Free Pass To Make Money From The Republicans

Mar 31, 2017

The House Republicans’ “civil war” is understandably attracting a lot of attention. But the truly […]

Friends Chandler Bing

Chandler’s Favourite Line From Friends

Mar 31, 2017

In its hit ten-season run on NBC, Friends traversed a lot of territory: Friends were […]

Uber Taxi

Rydengo To Compete With Uber & Lyft

Mar 31, 2017

RydenGo is cooking up a new model for ride hailing. Rather than taking a commission, […]

USA China

Trump Administration Takes A Cautious Approach To Trade Deals

Mar 31, 2017

President Donald Trump talked tough on trade on the campaign trail, vowing to renegotiate a […]

Trump Putin

US – Kremlin Relations Have Never Been Worse

Mar 31, 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s right-hand man said in an interview today on ABC’s “Good Morning […]

Coffee Beans

A Coffee So Strong, It’ll Make Your Daily Starbucks Look Silly

Mar 30, 2017

Good news, Americans who love starting the day with hand tremors: Black Insomnia Coffee, a […]

Mike Spence and Wife

Mike & Karen Pence: A Marriage Made Definitely In Heaven

Mar 30, 2017

We don’t know much about Karen Pence, the Second Lady of the United States and […]

Lying for a good cause

Would You Lie For A Good Cause…?

Mar 30, 2017

There are lies, and then there are white lies, the gentle untruths we use to, […]

Best Picture MixUp Oscars PwC

The Oscars Won’t End Their Relationship With PwC Despite Mix-Up

Mar 30, 2017

After a six-hour meeting, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has decided to […]

Hillary Clinton supporters

Why Trump Won, And Hillary Lost #Election2016

Mar 30, 2017

On Tuesday, the New York Times published what might prove to be the definitive statistical […]

George W. Bush

What George W. Bush Really Thought Of Trump’s Inauguration

Mar 30, 2017

The inauguration of Donald Trump was a surreal experience for pretty much everyone who witnessed […]

Hawaii Judge Derrick Watson

Hawaii Judge Extends The Halt On Trump’s Travel Ban

Mar 30, 2017

A federal judge in Hawaii on Wednesday extended the order blocking President Trump’s controversial travel […]


Trump’s Vendetta Against Renewable Energy

Mar 29, 2017

The failure of Trumpcare was the product of a crusade to destroy Obamacare that had […]

Tina Fey & Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin’s Love At First Sight With Tina Fey

Mar 29, 2017

In a new Vanity Fair cover story, Alec Baldwin has shared an extended excerpt from […]

Dating Tinder

Dine & Dash: The Serial Dater Who Leaves Before The Bill Arrives

Mar 29, 2017

A man who lures women on dinner dates after meeting them online – then legs it […]

Theresa May Brexit

The UK Officially Gives It’s Notice To The EU

Mar 29, 2017

The United Kingdom is officially headed for the Brexit. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Theresa May […]

Bill O'Reilly & Maxine Waters

#BlackWomenAtWork: Women Stand Up For April Ryan & Maxine Waters

Mar 29, 2017

Only a few hours apart on Tuesday, two black women were confronted by white, male public […]

Sean Spicer White House

Trump’s Staff To Skip White House Correspondents Dinner

Mar 29, 2017

There is no sign of a truce from President Donald Trump and his staff when […]

Gold Rally

Gold Poised To Rally By 12-20%

Mar 29, 2017

Gold is poised to rally to levels last seen four years ago as rising inflation […]

Trump & Jared Kushner

Meet Jared Kushner: Son-In-Law To President Trump

Mar 28, 2017

Donald Trump is a man who prefers to live out loud. The billionaire real estate […]

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi Banned For Four Matches

Mar 28, 2017

Five and a half hours prior to their game against Bolivia, Argentina has just been […]

Elon Musk

Elon Musk To Launch Neuralink To Connect The Humain Brain To AI

Mar 28, 2017

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is backing a brain-computer interface venture called Neuralink, according […]

United Airlines

The ‘Tweet-Storm’ That United Airlines Had To Face

Mar 28, 2017

A bystander who touched off a social media furor after she saw United Airlines stop […]

Trump Ivanka Melania Jared Kushner

Jared Kushner, Trump’s Son-In-Law, To Testify With Regards To His Meetings With Russian Banks

Mar 28, 2017

A Russian bank under Western economic sanctions over Russia’s incursion into Ukraine disclosed on Monday […]

Uber Self Driving Volvo

Uber’s Autonomous Cars Are Back On The Road After Friday’s Mishaps

Mar 28, 2017

Uber put its self-driving cars back on the road on Monday, voicing confidence in its […]

Paul Ryan Trump AHCA

Trump’s Annoyed About His Decision To Focus On Health Care First

Mar 24, 2017

On Monday in Kentucky, President Trump described his overhaul of the American health-care system as […]

Keystone XL Pipeline

Keystone XL Pipeline Approved By The Trump Administration

Mar 24, 2017

The Trump administration has issued a permit to energy company TransCanada to build the Keystone […]

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner’s Terrifying Stalker Encounter

Mar 24, 2017

In the fall, Kendall Jenner’s alleged stalker was convicted of trespassing on her Hollywood Hills […]

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