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Australian Chef Ben Shewry Creates Recipes Inspired by Nature

Australian Chef Ben Shewry Creates Recipes Inspired by Nature

Ben Shewry is one of the most famous chefs in Australia. Originally from New Zealand, the Kiwi migrated to Australia in 2002 . His cooking at Attica, Melbourne is lauded both at home and abroad.

His work is treated as a reflection of his growing understanding of Australia and its history: its ancient, indigenous ingredients harnessed from his emotional reaction to what Sam Sifton calls “something indisputably new and exciting, memorable and rare.

Any snack there can reach to 20 or more courses and end at 3 hours. Simply, half of that time could be spent learning what it is you’re really eating and how difficult it is to prepare that makes it delicious. Ben Shewry says in context to his inspiration on making recipes, “You can’t look things like that up anywhere. There is no website. There are no recipes. You really have to work at it, experiment, think.

Australian cooking reflects beyond the immigration history of the land. It also celebrates the Aboriginal history that came first,” adds Shewry.

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Source: Herald Sun



Image Source: Herald Sun

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