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Apple Kiboshes The iPod Shuffle & Nano

Apple Kiboshes The iPod Shuffle & Nano

Apple has finally confirmed that the smallest music player of all time has now stopped getting out it in the market with new trends in music and entertainment ruling the world.

Apple, in a statement, said, “Today, we are simplifying our iPod lineup with two models of iPod touch now with double the capacity starting at just $199 and we are discontinuing the iPod shuffle and iPod nano.”

Taking a trip down memory lane, it wasn’t too long ago when the Shuffle and Nano were the rage of the hour with people rushing to order the smallest music gadget ever. Launched in 2005, the iPod nano has seen it all, going through seven different iterations over its lifetime!

The elongated body-frame, the fascinating click wheel, the numerous amazing color variants and of course the unmatched music quality are just some of the reasons that made the iPod’s mini cousins such a blockbuster hit.

The two went through a redesign in 2007, and a second redesign where Apple launched a shuffle-like clip-on body-frame in 2010. Eventually, over the years, the devices had started to take on a look and feel more similar to that of a mini iPhone.

Disheartened? Don’t be! Apple has given us so many other gadgets over the course of time to love. Death is inevitable, as is the advent of newer technologies to conquer over the previous.

While today Apple enjoys extremely healthy profits and revenues due, in a large part, to the iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch, the iPod Shuffle and Nano’s will always go down in history as the gadgets that paved the way for new technologies, while saving Apple from an insurmountable crisis.

Farewell, you will both be sadly missed, but never forgotten.

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Image Source: Mashable, 9to5Mac

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