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Amazon’s New App Tacks Are A Gamechanger For E-Commerce

Amazon’s New App Tacks Are A Gamechanger For E-Commerce

With opponents coming over to cover the App stores, Amazon has added newest features into its shopping app which makes it more than just an online shopping platform.

Outstanding Personalization!

Customers can now give feedback over personalized fashion to home decor products and talk to stylists working LIVE. Woohoo! What more do you need to get pulled to the most responsive shopping app ever?

Smartphone Size Limits? Nah!

The shopping giant seems to have a solution to this too. Size limitations on smart phones can be overcome with the little changes made by the developers in the new app version. Modish tools allow users to adjust display boundaries of their screens with Alexa—the company’s automated digital assistant. It lets you bypass narrow on-screen navigation. Apart from this, the app’s fashion features are designed to deliver on a big-screen preference.

Amazon also has said Bye-Bye to heavy sized apps. The Amazon Shopping App will weigh much lesser than a traditional shopping app, as all the features will be covered through the one single app.

The 3 Primo Features

1. Stickers All Over:

Like Snapchat, Amazon allows you to choose from sticker categories such as “home,” “gold,” “fun,”and “gadgets”. Now you can select the product sticker, place it wherever you want to- like a decor item to your wall- and actually see how well it matches your requirements! Cool right? This feature maybe added to capture the users attention and keep them engaged and more interested in products they like.

2. This Dress or That one? No More Confusion.

Amazon has been a leading Fashion site for visitors. The feature now available only for Prime Users allows you to add a cheek-to-cheek comparison of your images wearing desired dresses. There are feedback methods to analyze the customers degree of liking a particular product as you can choose from “Definitely pick this one!” to “We like this better” or even to “It was a close call.”

3. Click and Search

Suppose you want to search for a TV remote and are bored to type, just click its image on the App and Amazon shows you multiple options to choose from. You will find what you want wit, literally,  just a photo-click. It’s that easy.

So hold on tight folks, because Amazon is all set to conquer and reshape your shopping experience.




Content Source: Mashable

Image Source: Windows Central

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