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Amazon Echo And Google Home Might Have A New Competitor

Amazon Echo And Google Home Might Have A New Competitor

While Amazon and Google continue to fight over who gets to dominate the smart home hub market, a very familiar company is setting its eyes on disrupting the cosy market. Yup you guessed it folks – Apple, along with it’s AI assistant, that started this whole thing-a-ma-jig in the first place, Siri, are rumored to have been working on a smart home hub since last year that will give extremely tough competition to Alexa and Google Home.

Multiple reports have surfaced over time about Apple’s development project, claiming potential features such as facial sensors and better speakers.

Sonny Dickson, an Australian tech leaker, has come forward with some updates on Apple’s, potentially, upcoming product through a couple of tweets. In his tweet Sonny claim’s Apple is close to finalizing its designs, and will most probably market the Hub as a Siri/ AirPlay Device.

With the mention of the iOS, we could, possibly, safely assume that the Hub would have a touchscreen display, making it easier to use all the apps that Apple has introduced through its HomeKit products. Rumor also has it that Amazon’s next generation Echo is going to include a screen, making Apple’s Siri-loaded-touchscreen Smart-Home Hub is the most obvious first choice to launch for Apple.




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