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AG’s of DC and Maryland Filing Suit Against Trump’s Business Deals

AG’s of DC and Maryland Filing Suit Against Trump’s Business Deals

Attorney Generals of Washington D.C. and Maryland are all set to file a suit against Donald Trump for running a business apart from taking over the presidential responsibilities. This is against the law, say the AG’s.

Karl A. Racine and Brian Frosh, both Democrats and AG’s of Washington D.C. and Maryland said, “We announce a major lawsuit against President Trump. The emoluments clauses command that … the president put the country first and not his own personal interest first.

Frosh directly refers to the part of the Constitution that prohibits the president from accepting foreign gifts or payments without consent from Congress.

Earlier this year, another suit had been filed against the President by D.C. watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United Inc., and two individuals, alleging that he had been in violation of the clause since he took office.

The legal sustainability of the same had been denied by the Justice Department but lawyer Deepak Gupta said, “The suit has proper standing because it includes plaintiffs who compete with the president’s hotels and restaurants for business from foreign governments. This is about whether the president is loyal to the American people and the American people alone. There have been many presidents before him. No president has had the kind of business entanglement with foreign governments like Donald Trump.

Both sides are battling it out, but we hope to see to a conclusion to this issue soon.

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