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DoubleTap focuses on the end reader, and how to provide our users with a platform where they can interact and engage with their favorite bloggers. DoubleTap encourages users to utilize our platform to have open conversations and be an integral part of our globally connected world, when speaking of any issue from around the world.


DoubleTap Daily, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intelligent Content Enterprises Inc.

the Politikos

Where political and business issues get discussed and shared. Politikos is our very own central forum for the politically and business inclined. From discussing the latest Trump policy (rather abolishing an old policy!), Russia’s hacking attempts, the issues around the South China Sea or the latest quarterly financial reports from the next big startup, thePolitikos is your one stop shop.


Our entertainment and lifestyle page, Crave, brings together the news about the who’s who and the what’s what. Following the latest trends in fashion, celebrities, health and lifestyle, Crave is here to make sure you’re up to date on the entertaining bits of the world, while bringing you important pieces on good self mental and physical health and lifestyle.


“Hear about that new asian fusion restaurant, from across the other german fusion restaurant?” – no? …that’s what we thought. Savor is your hub of what’s turning heads in the restaurant business, and how you could possibly replicate those amazing dishes you saw on the latest episode of “Chef’s table”, making it a part of your dinner table! But we’re not done yet! Savor brings to you the best of the beverage world, analysing the new flavors of soft drinks, coffee (even for you, you Starbucks lover you!), and for a few of you, the more intoxicating, occasional wine & whiskey!


With every passing day getting us closer towards an Earth version 2 on Mars (THANKS ELON!), automative cars (Did we thank Elon yet?), efficient and effective solar energy powering our homes (honestly, someone thank Elon), or travelling thousands of miles by land within minutes (Elon for President?), Jolt aims at bringing the science and tech news that is shaping the world we live in. From product reviews to personal interviews to just sharing our goddamn opinion, Jolt is where we look to truly ‘Jolt’ (see what we did there) your senses. This ones for the science nerd in all of us.

the Sports Desk

Rough house commentary and usually where we keep all the jocks busy. The Sports Desk focusses on the most popular sports around the globe and offers opinions (even were none is required!) for people to talk about. We would probably stream some games for you too, but our management tells us we need some rights or something…pfft! Got your beers & wings? All right lets go!

Knock Knock, you there?

Ahoy there matey! Join us as we continue on our journey towards discovering incredibly fascinating content.